This fund is under the supervision and control of the Northeast Association of
Rail Shippers. The purpose of the fund is to provide Scholarships for ambitious and worthy students who have an interest in pursuing an academic degree, and who have a desire to obtain higher education but are in need of financial aid to do so. Preference will be given, but is not limited to, those pursuing an interest in a transportation related field. The scholarships are administered solely by the Northeast Association of Rail Shippers. Awards will be made on a yearly basis, requiring application and review for each calendar year.

Who is Eligible?
High school students or full time enrolled undergraduate college students, with a letter of recommendation from a paid, registered member of the Northeast Association of Rail Shippers, and from the applicant’s school counselor.
Students must be in good standing at their respective high school, college or university, and must be Canadian or U.S.A. citizens. Applicants can be either dependent or non-dependent students. Dependent students defined as those who receive support from parents or guardians.

How Do I Apply for the Scholarship?
To apply for the scholarship, an application form must be completed, submitted and postmarked, along with additional biographical and academic information, to the Awards Committee, Northeast Association of Rail Shippers, Joe Gearin, Executive Director, North East Association of Rail Shippers, 34 Park Ridge Ave., Rye, NH 03870, Phone: (603) 430-3746 or email:
by JUNE 30, 2015. Awards will be determined and announced by August 15, 2015.

What Do I Need To Include With My Scholarship Application?
Applications will not be accepted unless completed in full, submitted and postmarked by JUNE 30, 2015. Applicant and parent/guardian as appropriate must sign forms.
Northeast Association of Rail Shippers Scholarships Require The
Following Information:
1. A completed application
2. Academic Transcript
3. Copy of SAT or ACT test results
4. List of extracurricular activities
5. Personal statement
6. Letter of recommendation from a paid, registered member of the Northeast
Association of Rail Shippers, and from the applicant’s school counselor.

How Are Recipients Selected?
Scholarship recipients will be chosen from the students who make application to the Awards Committee of the Northeast Association of Rail Shippers within the application deadline.

Scholarship recipients will be selected according to merit on a competitive basis. The Awards Committee will choose the recipients by evaluating each eligible student’s self-description, test scores and completed applications.

Students previously awarded a scholarship must re-apply again for consideration of this year’s awards. Students previously awarded a scholarship and re-applying this year, must have complied with the previous year’s award requirement to provide 2-3 progress updates through-out the previous academic year.

What is the Amount of the Scholarship?

The scholarship stipend is a one-time disbursement of $1000.00. The Board has authorized the number of scholarship awards to be (5) separate awards, and granted the Scholarship Award Committee the discretionary authority to increase / decrease that number, based on the number of highly qualified applicants and availability of funds. Funds will be disbursed directly to the award recipient, and not the college.

What are my Obligations and Responsibilities if I am selected?
Scholarship recipients are completely responsible for making admission
arrangements and fulfilling all requirements of the school selected, which must
be a college or university in the United States or Canada, or an affiliate thereof abroad, which is fully accredited by its regional accrediting commission on higher education. The recipient must enter college as a student in the fall term following selection and must pursue a course of study leading to one of the traditional baccalaureate/graduate degrees. Scholarship recipients are expected to make normal academic progress from year to year and must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing. While honor grades are not required, scholarship recipients have a responsibility to do quality work in college.

Scholarship recipients must understand and accept the responsibility that they will be required to provide 2-3 progress updates throughout the academic year, to the Scholarship Awards Committee. Updates should include information on GPA and a short briefing of academic activities. Failure to provide those updates will result in ineligibility to apply again the following year.

Successful applicants will be presented the option of attending the Fall NEARS conference for personal acceptance of awards, or direct payment will be made to the recipient at their choice.

Who handles Scholarship procedures?
The Northeast Association of Rail Shippers handles all phases of the process,
including selection of recipients and payment of awards.

Who can answer Scholarship questions?
You may contact any of the Awards Committee NEARS Board members:
Joe Gearin 603-430-3746
Scott McCalla 802-747-4719
Gerry Racette 513-387-4319
Dana Burleigh 207-399-3141
Don Cameron 781-982-1722
Chad Grinnell 781-245-3855